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 An illustrator since the early Jurassic period, I have created art for hundreds of magazines and newspapers. My diverse client list includes Target, Hallmark, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Uncief, and many more. A cover for the children's magazine 'Cricket' led to a dream job in 2013 when I was commissioned by the MTA NY Arts for Transit and Design to create a large poster to be displayed in trains in New York City, it was on view through 2014 and was seen by billions (with a 'B'- holy cow!) of subway riders. My MTA poster also won the Silver Medal from The Society of Illustrators in NY for advertising in 2015. I have recently signed on to license several pieces of my art for Urban Outfitters and Midwest CBK, I'm excited to see my work on furniture, ceramics and wall art for these amazing companies. My work has been recognized in American Illustration, 3x3, Print, and Communication Arts and is part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Transportation in New York. And… Balzer + Bray, an imprint of HarperCollins, has picked up my first children's' book 'What I Love About You', order buttons are available on my home page. (Yipee!) My online presence has grown exponentially over the years with the redesign of my website, my shop on etsy where I sell my work, both prints and originals, I have over 100,000 followers!(, I have embraced twitter, pinterest, and tumblr, and have been a featured artist on dozens of blogs. I have also been interviewed for numerous magazines and books; Little Things (Japan), Playing With Sketches (USA and UK), The Forest of Illustrations (China) are some favorites. I am also committed to giving back whenever possible and have donated or created work for a wide range of non profits; a few are Victory Programs (Boston, Ma.), The Teacher's Salary Project ( USA), and Baked (UK). I live with my wonderful family in Massachusetts. When I am not illustrating, I enjoy walking my dogs, kayaking, and looking for vintage papers at antiques fairs and estate sales. 
I have been an artist for as long as I can remember. As a child I was encouraged by my parents to explore a wide variety of ways to be creative; taking classes in découpage, quilting, ceramics, woodworking, papier mâché, drawing, and painting, to name a few. These childhood experiences form the foundation of my love for working with mixed media. I studied at Massachusetts College of Art and after graduating worked in the travel industry, living in Europe, South America and the Caribbean; soaking up foreign cultures and starting my enormous postcard collection. My mixed media style has developed over the years with an emphasis on a personal approach that is playful and whimsical . I create my collages using a wide variety of media, I am on record saying that I have never met a medium I didn't like. I will often combine fabric, paint, vintage ephemera, and ink to create lively, multi-layered work which invites the viewer to spend time looking at my art and discovering how pieces are constructed. I am especially interested in conveying the narrative of my illustrations in a fun, clear way.